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How To Do keyword Research The RIGHT Way (And For FREE)

Maybe you have a blog, Youtube channel or internet Marketing business. Or maybe you are thinking about starting one of them. If that’s your case, chances are you’ve already come across some information online talking about keywords.

Knowing which keywords to target is crucial for your success online, be it as a Blogger, Youtuber or Internet Marketer. It still baffles me how many people start their online businesses not knowing about the power of keywords.

The cool thing is that keyword research doesn’t have to be something hard or even expensive. As a matter of fact, did you know you can find the right keywords for your content using free methods online?

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to do keyword research using free methods. I know you’ll thank me later. Read on.

Google Search

Google already give you some of the terms that people are looking for every month. For example, if you type in on Google “how to create a blog”, the suggestion bar automatically gives you some related terms that other people are looking for.

In this example, some possibilities include “how to create a blog on WordPress” and “how to create a blog for free”.

Bonus tip: Make sure you also look at the bottom page of a search result on Google. It usually gives you related keywords that you can use.

Youtube Search

Google owns Youtube, which makes it the second largest search engine online. Go to Youtube and type in the term you’re looking for.

Just like Google, Youtube also has a suggestion bar that opens every time you enter a new keyword. Look at the suggested terms.

Remember to also check what videos come up in your search. If those videos are related to your keyword and they have a lot of views, that means there are a lot of people interested in that topic.

I know you’re probably thinking: “Ok, ok…I already knew that Google and Youtube can be used for keyword research, duh. Tell me something I don’t know.”. Fear not grasshopper, I’ve got you covered.


Ubersuggest is a free tool created by Neil Patel to do keyword research. It gives you the number of people who are searching for a specific keyword every month.

As that wasn’t enough, the site also tells you the level of competition the keyword has. Low competition keywords and a large number of monthly searches is what you’re looking for. You can’t go wrong with that formula!

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox that you can also download. The cool thing about this plugin is that whenever you type in a keyword on Google or Youtube, it already displays the number of monthly searches in the suggestion bar.

On the results page from Google, Keywords Everywhere also shows you other related keywords, as well as the volume of searches, cost-per-click and the competition level.

These are some of the best ways I know on how to to do keyword research using free methods. By using these methods, you’ll already be ahead of the pack when it comes to succeeding online.

I hope this information helps you find the best keywords for your content!

Till then,

Michael Flores

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