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How Can You Use Quora to Generate Traffic and Attract Leads For Free?

Do you have a question regarding any subject? Are you starting a new business and want to get as many insights from knowledgeable and experienced people?

That’s when the Quora social media comes in! There are many professionals there willing to provide advice based on their own expertise.

It’s a platform that allows you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience from other people -many of them really versed in their particular area- and to share your own insights regarding a specific matter too.

But let’s get back to our question: How can Quora help me attract traffic and leads?

First, it helps you build your reputation

Quora measures the importance of users within the platform based on how many questions have you answered and the “quality” of your answers.

Actually, view it as an opportunity to gain authority as a professional or a company.

It might take some time to achieve a strong presence within the platform, but the more you write and focus on the quality of your answers the more followers you’ll have in the long term.

But How Can You Do This?

Focus on your particular area of expertise. This is applicable to any other marketing strategy and content platform. Quora it’s not an exception. Try to focus as much as you can in providing high-quality answers related to your specific activity.

Are you a social media marketer? Then focus on questions that will allow you to share valuable tips and insightful thoughts on how small business can target a specific audience to get quality prospects, how to visually appeal the audience needs, what’s the tone you need to use in social media, etc.

Make sure that you always provide thorough and clear answers.

If sometimes you find out that for certain questions you don’t need to go that further, just try to keep your answers professional, friendly, and clear. But most importantly, that provide value to your audience.

But Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This…

Never directly promote your services and products. Like any other “non-intrusive” marketing strategy, Quora is designed to gain authority in your specific field or activity.

You must focus on offering solutions but in a tactful manner. I recommend you focus on cultivating solid relationships by building rapport with the audience and followers first, and then within the answers, you can link your website.

That’s how you would get leads. People already know who you are, what you can do for them. They really appreciate you taking the time to share valuable insights, that you are genuinely comitted and passionate about your specific undertaking.

That’s when people is going to look for you and ask for your services. They will click on your website link to know more about what you can do for them and subscribe to your newsletter. And that’s pretty much how you get leads in Quora.

But at the end of the day…

Actively Engaging In Quora Is a Win-Win Deal For Everyone!

You get insightful advice regarding a specific issue you might have. On the other hand, when you share your knowledge you build your reputation allowing you to gain quality traffic to your website and leads.

Till then,

Michael Flores

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  1. Quora is a powerful form of personal branding. When you begin driving referral traffic to your website, as I’ll explain below, you will also be building your personal brand!

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