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How To Use Linkedin To Drive Traffic and Generate Leads

LinkedIn is more than just a professional resume. In fact, it’s a platform with huge possibilities – providing you know how to properly leverage it, that is.

Ask yourself this: what are potential prospects actually looking for? What would I look for in a LinkedIn profile if I was a startup looking to jumpstart my business ideas?

Here is when “value” comes in. I can’t stress this enough – people are always looking for solutions, you see.

So with that said, here’s tips you can use to drive traffic and generate leads from Linkedin…

Profile Optimization

Your profile must be optimised by focusing primarily on identifying or (creating) customer needs and convince them you can do this in the quickest, easiest and most affordable way possible.

Use a very friendly yet direct language when addressing your audience. The best way to think about it is to see your Linkedin profile as a sales letter.

You then use your expertise and background experience to convince them you’re the best candidate for the job.

Make It SEO Friendly

Another important aspect is to optimise your profile for Linkedin built in search engine. You should do your research about the keywords customers are actually using to find out whatever information they might need on the searchers.

Then you can go ahead an analyze those keywords on keyword tools like Ubersuggest to see how competitive a specific word is.

It is better to focus on more specific keywords like long tail keywords because they are easier to rank in the search  results and they’re better targeted to your audience’s needs too.

This is applicable not only for your profile optimisation but for the content creation you post on your Linkedin account as well.

There are some more in-depth articles out there that teach you how to do a comprehensive keyword study so check them out when you get time.

And talking of content creation…

Always Create Compelling Content

Audiences are attracted to content that they feel directly approaches their specific concerns. It means you should avoid too generic topics and rather narrow down the focus of your content.

You might want to look for a straightforward article on how to “choose” the best product niche to start your online store.

In such a case, you would expect to know about tools that allow you to know the tendencies for a specific product, the volume of keyword searches related to that product.

You want information that provides you with real facts and actions to solve your problem or start your undertakings. Practical value focuses on actions, doesn’t it?

Make Quality a Priority Over Quantity

You shouldn’t actually be that concern about the quantity of your audience. But rather, you should focus on attracting quality leads that genuinely value what you have to say, and that might end up requesting your service.

This is why targeting prospects is very important by engaging them with specific and practical content.

You can also take advantage of the search features of LinkedIn to look for specifically targeted profiles.


You must integrate your LinkedIn profile with other marketing strategies. You must develop a strong social media presence.

As part of your self-promotion strategies, you must also provide free quality content, like an e-book and webinars where you are constantly “highlighting” the importance of specific actions the audience needs to follow to succeed.

And last but not least, your profile photo. Make sure that you look professional and approachable. You just need to smile.

I’ve found out that the best pictures are taken spontaneously. So a professional photographer or a friend could help you out by taking pictures of you inadvertently in different funny situations so that your smile doesn’t look artificial.

I hope this find this post helpful when it comes to driving traffic and generating traffic from Linkedin anyway.

Till then,

Michael Flores

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